How to get started with digital planners

New to digital planning? We got your back! This is what you'll need:

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    You'll need a pdf annotation app to get started, we highly recommend Goodnotes 5 but you can use any app you prefer just make sure to test for compatibility: find a free planner to do this with here.

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    Now you can find your favorite digital planner or notebook and import it into your goodnotes app. 🌹 Tip: Check out our freebie planner first to see if you like the platform and test compatibility

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    Now you can go to town customizing, writing in and using sticker in your new planner. There's a bit of a learning curve when you get started but once you get going... LIFE. CHANGING.

we 💗 our planner users

“I have finally found planner peace! I thought it would be hard to go digital but this far exceeded my expectations!”

“I have such a hard time sticking to planners, but the simplicity and usefulness of this one keeps me using it! ”

“If you feel too “overwhelmed” or don’t know where to start when buying a digital planner, then this is the planner for you!! Literally i tried SO many digital planners and this one is my absolute favorite. ”

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How to Get Started

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